How to create international consistency in Dopper’s Brand Expansion?  

Dopper, a Dutch sustainable bottle brand, is growing rapidly. The international demand for  their fun, smart water bottles is increasing and market expansion is daily business.

to realize worldwide inspiration and consistency for their consumers, employees, agents and retailers, Dopper needed a strong foundation with a defined brand personality  to guide every effort  into the right direction.  

The Dopper Brand Archetype

When working for The Terrace, I undertook a internal brand study paired with the external pespective of the market to find the true Dopper spirit. Consumer research, trends analysis, social media and stakeholder interviews connected with the ambitions of the team, the company culture and the overall purpose provided insights for Dopper’s Archetype, based on Carl Jung’s psychological theory of archetypes.

Workshop Sessions

We worked with Dopper’s team in active workshop sessions to share these insights and develop a brand archetype together. 

Dopper Archetype Wheel

The result of this project is the Brand Archetype Wheel that articulates and visualizes the key personality characteristics, desires and traps of Dopper as a brand in order to create a strategic direction for the sustainable bottle domain with employees, agents and retailers. Moreover, the Archetype Wheel is the starting point for the consumer facing brand identity and employer branding strategy.