How to become the no.1 sustainable crowdfunding platform in Europe?

OnePlanetCrowd, a Dutch sustainable crowdfunding platform, is ready to scale up and reach the tipping point to become Europe’s largest sustainable crowdfunding platform. To reach scale OnePlanetCrowd needed new investors and funding as well as a strong basis to become known as the platform for sustainable project funding.  

The Positioning

A strong brand identity was needed to define the real OnePlanetCrowd voice. We started with the overall purpose by following Simon Sinek’s Golden Circle and paired our research with a competitor analysis, trends, and consumer research to connect the dots and find the unique positioning of OnePlanetCrowd in the market. We took this as the brand’s storyline that would guide all communication outings, as well as guide the company to the right brand choices internally.

1 million campaign

To reach new investors the OPC team calculated they need 1 million euros to reach scale. We supported the team with the design of a crowdfunding campaign that would reach that number and impress crowdfunders, their network and new investors to fund their favorite platform.

The Outcome

The result of this project is a clear foundation of the strategy and positioning of the brand which would help the team roll out their activities in new European countries. The crowdfunding campaign was successful and the target was met.