PEFC Netherlands

How to position and design storytelling for a wood & pulp certification foundation?

When everyone knows your competitor, but you're 3 times as large an organization and still looks confused when they hear your name, you know you've got work to do. PEFC NL is part of a large international foundation with the mission to protect and increase the forests worldwide by certification of wood and paper products. However, in the Netherlands they are not as known yet by a large audience.

Wood With Passion

We created an online campaign 'Hout met Hartstocht' (eng: Wood with Passion) that shares the story of the people in the wood and pulp chain with passion for their craft and the beautiful work PEFC enables by securing every responsible step of the wood production process. This realistic approach tells the story of PEFC in a credible manner and brings a genuine and human appeal to the brand. Together with art director/camera man Ralph Kruijssen, we created 5 short documentaires that portray the story of an artist, a construction builder, a wood worker, a paper maker and a packaging designer duo.

The campaign launched at Valentines Day through a love letter in the mailing box of members and was seen on Facebook, LinkedIn and the brand new website of PEFC NL (that we designed as well) on