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Tiny Miracles


Tiny Miracles is a social enterprise and foundation that instigates large-scale social change in slums around the world. They empower the world's poorest communities to break their own poverty cycle within ten years. Their ambition is to get 1 million people out of poverty by 2035. Income generating programs that center around teaching skills and making handmade award-winning designs are sold worldwide to create big change.

We're closely connected to Tiny Miracles and we love working for this brand on a regular basis. After being succesful for four years, the Tiny Miracles brand strongly developed and they needed an update. Starting with the brand identity we created a strong foundation, redesigned the logo and came up with the pay-off. We were responsible for the overall art-direction, storytelling, communication strategy, webdesign, product line strategy, new product design concepts, packaging design, copywriting, and stand design. 


Photography by Liselore Chevalier.